A Kitchen that makes me Sing!

That was the request from a client who had raised her family in a rambling 1940s ranch- style home. She wanted an updated kitchen that was better suited to the rhythms of this new phase of her life. She asked to replace her dark, cramped kitchen with a light-filled room, with views of her gardens that would inspire her to burst into song upon entering. It was to be more than just a place to cook; also a cozy spot to read the paper with a cup of coffee, or catch up on correspondence.

The expanded kitchen has a large skylight above for natural light, and flows into a new sunroom with views of the pool and gardens. The granite for the counter tops was se-lected on an excursion to the local stone yards, and decorative tiles bring delight and spark memories of vacations to remote corners of the world. A TV monitor is tucked un-der the upper cabinets on a bracket so it can be viewed in either the kitchen or the sun-room. She is an avid rose gardener, and her beautiful bouquets add the finishing touch, filling the rooms with splashes of color and their intoxicating scent.