Living in a Historic Residence

Villa Verde, designed by Sylvanus Marston in 1927, is a private residence that is individually listed on the National Register of Historic Places. This designation inspired the owner to think seriously about preserving the property for future generations.

Successful stewardship requires a commitment to long-term master planning and a collaboration among the architect, owner, and a team of craftsmen. Over the last ten years, much of the completed work is not obvious to the eye. The historic tile roof and decorative rafter tails have been repaired and restored. Heating systems, plumbing and electrical systems have been carefully maintained and upgraded, including the original elevator.

The personality of the current owner can be seen in a new kitchen and butler's pantry which replaced an unfortunate 1970s remodel. An avid orchid grower, the tile images are from nineteenth-century engravings. A nearly invisible ceiling track system throughout the house allows the owner to change picture locations without damaging the thick plaster walls.

Finally, three water features were added to the east and north exterior facades to meet recommendations of a Feng Shui Master to balance the chi life force.