Historic Gardens

This 2-acre garden surrounding a 22-room Mediterranean style residence is sited on a knoll overlooking the Arroyo Seco with panoramic views of the San Gabriel Valley. The garden is part of a larger estate garden originally designed by A. E. Hanson, a noted California landscape architect. Many of the garden elements have survived, including the privacy walls and pillars at the street with 12-foot high wrought iron gates, a long, private drive lined with the original palm trees, a sunken rose garden, and terraces with cast stone railings. There are also informal tree wells, steps and walkways made with local Arroyo stone scattered throughout the hillside.

The ongoing restoration of the gardens began with serious editing of overgrown and inappropriate planting and paving materials. A historic Architectural Digest photograph was useful in determining which elements were original. Bamboo was removed to reveal an original olive tree aleẻ and stone pathways were uncovered and restored. Deterio-rated cast stone railings were disassembled and new ones were made to replace damaged elements. Old irrigation and drainage lines were removed and replaced with more efficient systems.

The present owner has added a new chapter to the history of the property with an orchid greenhouse, and groves of fragrant plumeria perfume the pool area in summer. Feng shui inspired reflecting pools are a recent addition, and sculpture adds additional interest to the garden.