Midcentury Living - Part 2

In the real world, homeowners often tackle renovation projects in phases and there are many advantages to considering this approach. Several years after the kitchen and surrounding living areas were updated, the owners were ready to renovate the original 1950’s bathrooms, laundry and the pool lanai.

The pool lanai is constantly used for entertaining year-round. The main drawback of the original design was that in the dusty and windy San Gabriel valley it needed to be thoroughly cleaned prior to each use. The addition of a folding door system would keep the interior clean and also keep the curious neighborhood bears and other wildlife at arms length. The lanai kitchen was also updated, adding a dishwasher and wine cooler, as well as a stone counter with bar seating for guests. The lanai is now connected to the central music system, allowing the party to flow seamlessly throughout the house and lanai pool area.

The original bathrooms and laundry were also in need of updating and the owners were in the mood to have a little fun with this part of the project. The clean lines of the original cabinet style and the existing hardware were integrated into the new design, however tile bubbles now spill over the tub, running along the floor and extend into the hallway. A new stone counter top is under-lit with LED lights, accentuating the beauty of the stone. This bathroom feels much more spacious with only a glass partition separating a new shower area with a built in bench and hand spray. The exposed washer and dryer are now hidden from view, with only a pool of bubbles on the floor to hint at what lies behind the new telescoping doors.